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woman crush wednesday: steffy degreff






if you’ve somehow never heard of steffy, you’re in a for a real treat. this week (and every week, really), the sweet miami fashion blogger behind steffy’s pros and cons is our woman crush wednesday. we, of course, share steffy’s love of vintage and adore her fun, quirky style. this gal is never afraid to mix colors, prints, or include her adorable dachsund puppy in her outfit pictures. she also happens to be a pal of ours and is rockin’ a grey dog paisley jumper in this last outfit! #wcw, seriously.

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// all photos belong to steffy and link back to their original sources.

woman crush wednesday: anna cottrell


today’s post is in awe of one of our sweet, stylish friends – who also happens to be the woman behind one of our neighboring shops here in fayetteville, lola boutique (remember this shoot?). aside from her incredible resume and super-inspiring fashion blog, tulip louise, anna is an absolute sweetheart and has one of most genuine laughs and best smiles around. oh, plus she’s drop dead gorgeous. and she rocks grey dog like a queen bee (we have a necklace similar to the one she’s wearing in the first photo her on our online shop)! anyway, we heart you, miss anna. i know we’re kinda swoonin’ today, but that’s what woman crush wednesday is for, right?  //  photo creds go to keely yount.

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on another note, 2014 is bringing some big, exciting changes to the dawg – both in the shop and on our li’l website here. keep an eye out, peeps!

woman crush wednesday: bonnie barton


we love our sweet previous employee, bonnie barton, so much that we had to share her pictures with y’all from flashes of style for woman crush wednesday this week. even though she wore this outfit on her blog a year ago, we still see still l-o-v-e the way she styled her grey dog floral vintage dress as a transitional piece. take a hint from this ever-inspiring fashion blogger and don’t put away your summer dresses just yet! they can move into fall super easily just by adding a boot and another layer (+ tights if it’s cold enough)!

photos are linked to their original source on bonnie’s blog

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