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the dawg guide to denim

the vintage denim breakdown.

if you’ve ever visited our brick-and-mortar shop, located in northwest arkansas, then you’ve seen that vintage denim is a key staple on our floor.  we love it for it’s timeless appeal, sturdy construction and strong as nails material. figuring out which style and size to go with can be tricky, as each style fits the body differently and previous wear and washes (along with vanity sizing over the years) has made sizing wildly confusing.  so, we’ve created a little breakdown of the vintage denim we carry and hopefully it will help you mamas find the perfect pair! ♥

a li’l size guide:

  • vintage denim runs small.  a good rule of thumb is to go up two sizes from your modern size (i.e.. a modern 28 should start at a 30 and go from there).
  • not sure of your size?  no problem, it’s easy to figure out:  measure your waist around the belly button area (this will be the jean size) and also knowing the measurement around the largest part of your hips is helpful when you’re not able to try the denim on.

a few of our favorite styles:

levi 517’s (left photo)

  • a higher rise and more form fitting throughout the booty and thighs
  • boot-cut silhouette (easily altered into a skinnier leg)
  • zipper closure
  • vintage 517s are identified by the little orange tab on the back pocket
  • this is one of our all-time favorite vintage styles and they’re becoming extinct (it hurts our heart to type this truth..) so hold on tight if you score some!

levi 501’s (center photo)

  • classic red tab 501s was the first style of denim created by levi’s: intended for those pursuing the gold rush in the 1800s. translation: built to last
  • boyfriend style (literally, we only carry men’s 501s so you can share them with your beau!); baggier around hips and thighs and super cute oversized
  • button-up closure
  • perfect for ladies with curves ♥

wranglers (right photo)

  • denim that lived strong in the ’80s
  • more form fitting throughout the waist, rump and thighs
  • straighter throughout the leg
  • a higher rise and a super flattering booty fit make wranglers another favorite of ours ♥

alrighty, we sure hope this helps! our main advice is to not give up until you find that perfect pair because there’s just no denim like the vintage denim. 😉


the dawg gals

cozy knits + vintage denim + plaids

merry christmas eve, everyone! we’ve added lots of new products to our online shop today. like the title of this blog post suggests, today’s featured items include yummy knits, denim layers, and plaid-party-worthy goodness. y’all get to shopping now!

three ways to wear denim this fall

1. rock a denim dress with a statement bag + tall socks when it’s chilly out


2. sport your favorite cutoff shorts (we ♥ our vintage levis) with long sleeves, like this velvet leotard – or with a patterned top and sneakers + tights


3. pull off long overalls without looking like a farmer by channeling your inner keira knightley and pairing your ovies with an always-chic striped tee