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random inspiration

inspiration can come from anywhere, whether from it’s a stranger passing by, a pretty view with scenery, or even a piece of produce. next time find yourself inspired by something beautiful, harness your inspiration and channel it into styling a new outfit combination! taking inspiration from a color palette is definitely the easiest way to make a reference, and it also happens to be a super fun way to change things up by styling items a little differently in your wardrobe. below are several outfits we’ve styled on instagram that reflect some of our very favorite color combos. happy wednesday, peeps!

1. black and brown // inspired by a cremini mushroom

2. red on red // inspired by poppies

3. yellow and tan // inspired by this lovely bike


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rainy day inspiration

it’s a rainy day here at the shop, and we really can’t complain. instead of letting grey, rainy days get us down, we like to embrace the coziness with a cup of tea or coffee, warm lighting/candles, and a perfect playlist in the background.

today, we’re listening to:

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*photos are linked to original sources