the idea of inhaus has been in the works since we opened our doors in november of 2010. over the years, our vision has evolved from solely vintage inspired patterns to the incorporation of the timeless free flowing silhouettes that we are personally drawn to today. and while the aesthetic of inhaus will continue to evolve, our focus to design a line for women who seek functionality, quality, femininity and comfort will never cease.

each year we aim to introduce two to three additions to our collective. each season’s run will be limited but special orders are always welcome. inhaus is designed in fayetteville, arkansas and  hand-sewn by our dear friends in bangkok, thailand, where each seamstress is known well and paid more than fairly for their time + talents.

we’re taking baby steps with inhaus but we do have some real exciting ideas that we’ll do our very best to bring to fruition and, in the meantime, we want to thank each of you for helping to make our little endeavors a possibility. we truly couldn’t do any of this without you.


the dog gals.

p.s. the name of inhaus (pronounced in-house) was inspired by the fact that each garment is designed under our roof.  the german twist was added because our beloved laura catherine corral, who speaks the language fluently,  will soon be heading that way to follow her own dreams and we needed a little bit of her to stay behind.