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some summertime favs


what we love

  • statement earrings
  • oversized babydoll magic
  • button down floral midis + maxis (hello ’90s)
  • cotton gauze maxis + off-the-shoulder tunics
  • high-waistedness (denim, trousers, midis + maxis) x onesies
  • jute x leather totes

why we love it

  • rocking statement earrings is a simple way to step up a minimalist look and they’re the perfect accessory for a messy bun; aka a summertime staple.
  • oversized babydolls have a comfy + playful feel and will transition perfectly into fall:  just add a grandpa cardi and an oversized scarf and yum.
  • the romance and femininity of a button down floral will always be one of our favorite things and they’re beautiful year round.
  • summertime + cotton gauze will always be a perfect easy breezy match.
  • high-waisted bottoms paired with a simple onesie is a flattering look that is timeless and classic.
  • jute x leather is a beautifully durable combination  and this style doubles as the perfect farmer’s market tote.
  • bonus: all the summer goodies we love can be dressed up for that summertime wedding or worn casually for river hangs.


the dawg gals

november notions

november has come at last, and we couldn’t be more excited to cozy up this fall. below are some of our favorite ways to celebrate the season. have an awesome autumn!

♥ keep seasonal flowers/greenery around
♥ stock up on candles for your casa
♥ choose patio seating when it’s bearable
♥ manicure those nails and cuddle up in vintage knits

your grey dog gals

travel diaries: from our big fall buying trip

southeast asia travel photo

nepalese jewelry grey dog boutique

southeast asia travel city skyline

if you follow us on any of our social media accounts, you surely know that the store has been fully restocked with vintage treasures for the fall season. all of the photos in this post were taken by molly when she went overseas for our big buying trip! we’re all treasure hunters at heart and believe that having a home is important but that traveling is also a necessity and one of the best ways to grow yourself. molly said when she returned back to the states this time, she had a heightened sense of perspective after being immersed in a different culture. and that’s what it’s all about.

we hope you all get to satisfy your wanderlust soon and that you can make it into the shop to see some of our exciting new goodies! we’ll get some newbies on the site soon as well, but in the mean time please check us out on insta or facebook and holler via phone or email to place an order. these nepalese jewels are calling your name, no?

your grey dog gals

woman crush wednesday: steffy degreff






if you’ve somehow never heard of steffy, you’re in a for a real treat. this week (and every week, really), the sweet miami fashion blogger behind steffy’s pros and cons is our woman crush wednesday. we, of course, share steffy’s love of vintage and adore her fun, quirky style. this gal is never afraid to mix colors, prints, or include her adorable dachsund puppy in her outfit pictures. she also happens to be a pal of ours and is rockin’ a grey dog paisley jumper in this last outfit! #wcw, seriously.

want more? follow steffy and shop her closet on instagram.

// all photos belong to steffy and link back to their original sources.